Initial Documentation

This is the form to register a new vessel or to Document a vessel that has not been previously registered in the vessel Database.

Return to Active Documentation

This form is required for vessels in which the Certificate of Documentation has passed 30 days of expiration.

Deletion from Documentation

Application, Consent and Approval for Withdrawal of Application for Documentation or Exchange of Certificate of Documentation

Documentation Renewal

The annual renewal form for both Commercial and Recreational vessels.

Certified Copy and Replacements (COD)

Obtain a certified copies of a vessel’s Certificate of Documentation. This form can provide critical information on a vessel’s current Documentation

Abstract of Title

Use this form to obtain complete Documentation information on any vessel such as the Chain of Ownership, Mortgages, and Active Lien Status since its induction into Documentation.

Automatic Annual Renewal

Avoid costly expiration fees with Automatic Annual Renewals. Provides the ability to renew up to 5 years in advance.

Exchange/Transfer of
Documentation to a new Owner

This form is required to transfer or exchange ownership of a vessel via form CG-1258.

Name/Hailing Port Change

The name and/or hailing port may be changed by filing this application for change with the appropriate fees. If your vessel is subject to a mortgage of record, you must obtain permission from the mortgagee via this form. is a privately owned document preparation service that is not owned or operated by any government agency.

What is the purpose of documenting my vessel?

Just like automobile registration, documenting your vessel with the US Coast Guard identifies nationality, establishes indisputable possession and helps regulate vessels of restricted trades.

Can I submit my documents online?

All Applications may be completed and processed online using this Website Portal. Upon completion, forms will be reviewed by a Documentation Specialist. Our specialists can help correct simple mistakes and avoid unnecessary delays in the operation of your vessel.

Does my vessel require documentation?

All vessels that weigh five net tons or more and that operate in navigable waters of the United States or in the Exclusive Economic Zone. This includes vessels used for fishing activities and coastwise trade.

How long is my certificate of documentation valid for?

A certificate of documentation is valid for one year from the date of issuance, unless changes are made; with the exception of a change of address. All Certificates of Documentation must be renewed on an annual basis, unless you have paid in advance for multiple years of Documentation Renewal via this Portal.