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Vessel Documentation Portal is NOT a government entity, NOT the United States Coast Guard or the National Vessel Documentation Center. We are a third party document preparation service that submits documents to the NVDC for the purposes of documentation with the USCG.

Vessel Documentation Portal is a provider of document preparation services that proudly assists the boating community with documentation required by the United States Coast Guard on a secured platform to access and transmit various forms for the purposes of maintaining records with the United States Coast Guard.

We offer a comprehensive document preparation service for your vessel:

  • Accelerate your documentation process with our short forms. Choose a form, confirm the requirements, submit; and apply to receive official documentation fast.
  • Sorting through forms on your own is complicating. Simplified guidelines make it easy to select, complete and submit your forms online.
  • Our document portal features multiple levels of security with encryption technology and secure payment processing.
  • Receive an immediate confirmation notice that your forms are now being processed for submission to the NVDC.
  • We also offer the ease of automatic renewal to help simplify recurring documentation.