The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) codifies the general and permanent rules of Executive departments and agencies which have been published in the Federal Register. The Federal Register consists of two publications, the annually revised Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the daily Federal Register (FR).

The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each title is divided into chapters; each chapter is further subdivided into Subchapters; and then again into Parts covering specific regulatory areas.

The Federal Register (FR) is the daily supplement to the CFR. It serves as the mechanism to provide official notification to the public about Federal documents or proposals having general applicability. These may include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders, and Federal agency rules, regulations, and notices. The FR also serves to notify the public and interested parties about an agency’s intent to hold public meetings, request comments or propose regulation and provides the mechanism for obtaining comments from affected parties.

The pertinent parts of the Code of Federal Regulations pertaining to the
Documentation and Measurement of Vessels are Title 46 Subchapter G:

General Subpart A
Subpart B
Citizenship Requirements for Vessel Documentation Subpart C
Title Requirements for Vessel Documentation Subpart D
Acceptable Title Evidence; Waiver Subpart E
Build Requirements for Vessel Documentation Subpart F
Tonnage and Dimension Requirements for Vessel Documentation Subpart G
Assignments and Designations Required for Vessel Documentation Subpart H
Marking Requirements for Vessel Documentation Subpart I
Application for Special Qualifications for Vessel Documentation Subpart J
Application for Documentation, Exchange or Replacement of Certificate of Documentation, or Return to Documentation; Mortgagee Consent; Validation Subpart K
Validity of Certificates of Documentation; Renewal of Endorsement; Requirement for Exchange, Replacement, Deletion, Cancellation Subpart L
Miscellaneous Applications Subpart M
Subpart N [Reserved] Subpart N
Filing and Recording of Instruments—General Provisions Subpart O
Filing and Recording of Instruments—Bills of Sale and Related Instruments Subpart P
Filing and Recording of Instruments—Mortgages, Preferred Mortgages, and Related Instruments Subpart Q
Filing and Recording of Instruments—Notices of Claim of Lien and Supplemental Instruments Subpart R
Removal of Encumbrances Subpart S
Abstracts of Title, and Certificates of Ownership Subpart T
Special Provisions Subpart U
Exception From Fishery Endorsement Requirements Due to Conflict With International Agreements Subpart V
Subparts W–X [Reserved] Subpart W-X
Subpart Y—Fees Subpart Y
Reporting undocumented vessel accidents and casualties
Carriage of fire extinguishing equipment
Backfire flame control