Deletion (COD)

Application, Consent and Approval for Withdrawal of Application for Documentation or Exchange of Certificate of Documentation

NVDCINST 16713/1-3 OMB No. 1625-0027

  • A vessel may be deleted from documentation upon the request of the vessel owner or an authorized agent on behalf of the owner. The original Certificate of Documentation (COD) is to be returned by the owner named on the certificate.
  • Please provide evidence of sale or transfer AND a statement indicating nationality of owner and/or country in which vessel will be flagged (in the event vessel is being sold to non-US citizen(s) or being flagged in a foreign country). Evidence of sale is required in the event vessel is sold foreign as per 46 CFR 67.171(c)(1).
  • A Certificate of Documentation (COD) is invalid and the vessel subject to deletion from the roll of actively documented vessels when any of the situations listed in 46 CFR 67.171 occurs.
  • An original OR a copy of a release instrument signed by the mortgage holder (mortgagee) is required before the vessel can be removed from documentation if the vessel is covered by an outstanding mortgage of record.
  • Vessels of five net tons or more (determined by volume) used in fishing activities on the navigable waters of the U.S. or in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), or used in the coastwise trade must be documented unless the vessel is exempt from documentation. See 46 CFR 67.9 for a list of exemptions.
  • If a letter evidencing removal from documentation is required, include that information in the letter request.
  • If the request for deletion is accompanied by a complete, original or copy of a bill of sale, it may be recorded to evidence transfer of ownership.