Domestic Compliance Division (CG-CVC-1)

Formerly CG-5431


The Office of Domestic Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC-1) develops and maintains policy and standards, for the prevention activities of the Coast Guard to achieve Marine Safety, Security, and Stewardship mission success.

Domestic Compliance Division (CG-CVC-1)
Appeals, Equivalencies, & Exemption Process Guide
 D7 Asst Towing Appeal Signed 01/21/10
UTV Guide Book (Change 3)  01/18/13
Appeals, Equivalencies, & Exemption Process Guide 03/11/11
OSHA Authority Over Vessels and Facilities on or Adujacent to U.S. Navigable Waters and the Outer Continental Shelf (OSC) 10/15/10
Decal Issuance Guidance 07/23/10
UTV MISLE User Guide 07/02/10
Training Announcement MSG