Supporting Documents Guide

This page outlines many of the additional supporting documents required for various Vessel Documentation requests. Please review the details below to access templates and additional instructions. Following these guidelines will ensure that your supporting documents are accepted and can help drastically reduce the processing time required.

Notarized Bill of Sale

Notarized Bill of Sale Template

In order for a notarized Bill of Sale to be acceptable, it MUST contain:

  • Clear and legible print and signatures.
  • The name and signature of each of the selling owners must be provided
  • In order to ensure proper transfer of ownership, new owner detail in the Bill of Sale must match exactly what is provided in this online application
  • The notary acknowledgment must be clearly legible on the bottom and must state name, date and signature of notary.
  • If you are using the Certificate of Documentation in place of the CG-1340 Bill of Sale, you must attach both the front and back side of the scanned copy for your application

Satisfaction or Release of Mortgage

Simplified Measurement

Letter of Consent