§ 67.95 Requirement for determination.

Evidence that a vessel was built in the United States must be on file for any vessel for which a coastwise, Great Lakes, or fishery endorsement is sought, unless the vessel is otherwise qualified for those endorsements under subpart J of this part.

§ 67.97 United States built.

To be considered built in the United States a vessel must meet both of the following criteria: (a) All major components of its hull and superstructure are fabricated in the United States; and (b) The vessel is assembled entirely in the United States.

§ 67.99 Evidence of build.

(a) Evidence of the facts of build may be either a completed original form CG–1261, or other original document containing the same information, executed by a person having personal knowledge of the facts of build because that person:
(1) Constructed the vessel;
(2) Supervised the actual construction of the vessel; or
(3) Is an officer or employee of the company which built the vessel and has examined the records of the company concerning the facts of build of the vessel.
(b) A vessel owner applying for documentation must file a separate certificate from each builder involved in the construction of the vessel.
(c) A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin is not evidence of the facts of build.

67.101 Waiver of evidence of build.

(a) A vessel owner applying for documentation unable to obtain the evidence of build required by § 67.99 may apply for a waiver of that requirement to the Director, National Vessel Documentation Center.
(b) No waiver of the requirement in § 67.99 to produce evidence of build may be granted unless the applicant provides:
(1) A written request for the waiver, explaining why the evidence required by § 67.99 cannot be furnished; and
(2) Competent and persuasive evidence of the facts of build.

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