Renewal of USCG Vessel Documentation

Abstract of Title Request
US Coast Guard Abstracts of Title provide complete vessel lien information, along with all active and satisfied mortgages and a complete chain of ownership for a vessel established in a Documented vessel’s history. Please fill in the form completely. Your order will be processed immediately, and you will receive a confirmation email regarding this transaction.

Vessel Bill of Sale
The Vessel Bill of Sale must be signed by the Seller and notarized by a licensed notary prior to upload and acceptance.

Automatic Documentation Renewal Program
Select the amount of years you would like automatic, annual processing of the renewal of your Certificate of Documentation. This will help you avoid costly Return to Active Documentation applications and removals from the USCG database. If you sell or transfer your vessel during this time, please send a notification to and you will receive a prorated refund equal to the years that do not require renewal. If checked, you will receive a new Certificate of Documentation for your vessel for each year that you have prepaid that expires one year

Return to Active Documentation/Reinstatement
If your Renewal fees are not paid with 30 days of the expiration, you must complete this Form to Return to Active USCG Documentation as per NVDCINST 16713/1-5

Initial Vessel Documentation (Never USCG Documented)
Use this form to obtain US Coast Guard Documentation for new vessels and vessels which have never been documented. If you have purchased a used vessel and it has an Official Documentation Number, please use the form for Transfer/Exchange of Documentation and be sure to upload the appropriate Bill of Sale and/or State Title.
If the vessel is new and has never been documented, ownership may be established by submission of a Builder’s Certification (Form CG-1261), naming the applicant for documentation as the person for whom the vessel was built or to whom the vessel was first transferred. Also acceptable are a transfer on a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, a copy of the State Registration or Title, or foreign registration showing that the applicant owns the vessel.

Transfer of Ownership/Exchange
Use this form if you are:

  • Adding/removing a spouse to the Certificate of Documentation after a passing or divorce
  • Selling/transferring your vessel: When the sale is finalized you may complete a U.S. Coast Guard Bill of Sale (CG-1340). If there is an outstanding mortgage, the mortgagee (lender) should complete a Satisfaction of Mortgage. The vessel cannot be removed or transferred from documentation with an outstanding mortgage or lien.
  • Transferring Documentation into a Trust, Corporation or LLC
  • Making ANY changes to the vessel’s endorsement status or managing owner’s name.

Replacement of Certificate of Documentation
If your Certificate of Documentation is expired, you must complete the Return to Active Documentation/Reinstatement form in order to receive your new Certificate of Documentation

Change of Vessel Name/Hailing Port
The name and/or hailing port of a vessel may be changed by filing this application with the appropriate fees. If your vessel is subject to a mortgage of record, you must obtain permission from the mortgagee.

Change of Vessel Endorsement/Trade Indicator
The trade indicator and endorsement of a vessel may be changed by filing this application with the appropriate fees. If your vessel is subject to a mortgage of record, you must obtain permission from the mortgagee.

MARAD Small Vessel Waiver
It is now possible for certain foreign-built vessels, or vessels with no documentation, to gain a waiver of the U.S.-build requirement in order to conduct limited commercial passenger operations in the United States. Some restrictions apply. Once a waiver is obtained, it becomes part of the vessel’s documentation and stays with the vessel if it is sold.

Certified Copy of Certificate of Documentation
*You cannot obtain a certified copy of your Certificate of Documentation if it has passed 30 days of expiration. Vessel expiration information is located on the Certificate of Documentation, lower left corner. If past 30 days of expiration, you MUST Reactivate/Reinstate your Documentation as per NVDCINST16713/1-5

Deletion/Removal from USCG Documentation
Application, Consent and Approval for Withdrawal of Application for Documentation or Exchange of Certificate of Documentation

Preferred Ship Mortgage
This form may be attached to a mortgage or related instrument. If this form is properly completed, the instrument to which it is attached will be filed and recorded WITH NO FURTHER REVIEW. This form must be submitted with an original or a copy of the mortgage.

Certificate of Ownership
The NVDC issues Form CG-1330 Certificates of Ownership that indicate the owner of the vessel and whether there are outstanding encumbrances of record.  Owners retain these for legal and financial purposes (mortgages) and it is not necessary to have a Certificate of Ownership on board.

Document Uploads
This page will allow you to upload supporting documents for your submission. This includes items such as CG-1261 Builder’s Certification and First Transfer of Title and CG-5397 Application for Simplified Measurement for Initial Documentation Requests, along with CG-1340 Bills of Sale for Documentation Transfers and Exchanges.